Terms and Conditions

Refunds are strictly prohibited and you may not charge back under any circumstances. Donations are final. 

Terms of Service
By purchasing intangible items from store.cloudymc.com you agree to a no refund policy. CloudyMC is not required to give a refund after the items are purchased. Donations are donations. You are simply donating to the server and are not actually purchasing anything. Ranks and other items are just perks for donating. All virtual items purchased have no real-world value. We reserve the right to transform or change any rank or any other item. The ranks benefits can change at any time without prior notice. By accepting this document you agree to waive your right to take any action against the server, staff, members, or website. These terms and conditions take effect indefinitely and immediately after the agreement is accepted.

Privacy Policy 
We take privacy serious here at CloudyMC, we will never sell, giveaway or share any data collected within CloudyMC but may use within CloudyGames, LLC for other purposes.

By donating, using a service provided by CloudyMC, or interacting with any part of CloudyMC you agree to these terms and conditions.

CloudyMC is managed and operated by the staff of CloudyGames, LLC and may share data or resources with other companies within CloudyGames, LLC.

Breaking any rules with-in CloudyMC will result in a punishment, this could be from a warning to a blacklist from joining our network. If blacklisted you will not receive a refund.